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Project Get Lit - Lit Up

We've put all the light bars we could reasonably fit onto the YJ. Well, we are looking for places to mount some more but this may be overkill already.


50" 288Watt 28800Lumen LED Light Bar model CB1150.  Installed using CBWH1 Wire Harness and CBBKJK1 Brackets.

50" led light bar brackets jeep wrangler yj


21.5" 120Watt 11200Lumen LED Light Bar CB1120.  Installed with CBWH1 Wire Harness.  For this we had to go outside and buy Motobilt brackets for the YJ.

13.5" 72Watt 6720Lumen LED Light Bar CB1112.  Installed using CBWH1 Wire Harness, and the brackets included with the light bar lined up perfectly to the tabs on our Tuff Stuff bumper.

12" 13.5" led light bar jeep wrangler yj 

3" 20W 2000Lumen Spot Pods CBPOD2.  CBPOD2 is a pair, CBPOD1 is a single pod.  Pair installed with CBBKYJ5 Brackets and CBWH2 Wire Harness.  Because the aftermarket screws included with the light bar bracket CBBKYJ1 weren't quite long enough to go through both brackets and the rubber pad included with the light bar bracket, we just tossed the rubber pad.  The bedliner should hold up. 

led light pod jeep wrangler yj

One tip on installing brackets on the YJ windshield.  The back plate that the stock bolts attach to is loose.  If you are unlucky, when you remove both bolts the plate will drop and it isn't easy to bring back into position.  Find a way to do one bolt at a time, or stick a screwdriver into the hole to hold the backer plate into position while you fasten the first bolt.


For those of you who are counting, that's 520 Watts and 50720 Lumens of pure retina destroying brightness on this Wrangler.  If you're going to be this bright, you had better be comfortable leading the night ride because nobody is going to want you behind them.

Off Road LED Light Bars jeep wrangler yj


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