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Project Get Lit - Bedliner

When we bought this YJ, it looked as if the previous owner had painted it with spray bombs from Walmart.  Not that there is anything wrong with a budget paint job done under a tree in your driveway, but we wanted something a little more eye catching.

There wasn't much rust in this old YJ at all, just some small spots at the bottom of the driver door.  The PO had replaced the driver side floor pan so that saved us some work.

We did fill a lot of dings and dents to straighten it out.  They weren't visible with the spray bomb paintjob but we want this to look good.

Get Lit did need a new windshield frame, since the old one was rusted out around the wiper mounts.

We went with a grayish blue interior bedliner color. 

For the exterior, we chose a Sherwin Williams color called "Mineral Silver".  In the semigloss bedliner it isn't very silver, but the color is growing on us.

And the color scheme does work with the CrawlBright Performance Off Road Lighting graphics on the hood.

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