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Why CrawlBright?

CrawlBright Performance Off Road Lighting was developed by Jeepers for Jeepers. We looked for quality light bars for our Jeeps but only found lights with poor construction and reliability, or with a high price tag. Knowing that many Jeep builders like us are interested in quality performance parts but don’t want to pay too much, we set out to develop the best light possible without breaking the bank.  We will put our LED Light Bars and Pods up against the best in the industry.

Our mission is simple:  To sell superior light bars at a fair price.  We know those in the off-road community talk to each other and share their experiences with the brands they use.  Our goal is to make sure everyone who uses our product is excited about it, and shares that with their friends. 


Exceptional Quality

Our light bars are engineered to our own exacting standards.  We carefully design each PC Board to maximum brightness per watt of power consumed.  Our light bar housing is made from extruded 6061 Aluminum for optimum heat distribution, minimal weight, and high corrosion resistance.  Our polycarbonate lens is virtually unbreakable and scratch resistant.  Our custom molded silicone seal is waterproof down to -40 degrees.  We use only name brand electronics, including CREE and OSRAM LED's, to ensure reliability. 


Torture Tested

Every CrawlBright light bar is burn-in tested for 24 hours.  Then we dunk the bar under water and let it sit for 8 hours.  This is just one way we make sure that we won't have any failures out of the box and that your light bar is truly waterproof.  All of this happens before your light bar leaves the production line.


We are Jeepers, and we use the products we sell.

CrawlBright is a division of Big Red Camp Inc, based in Tampa, Florida, USA.  We spend our weekends enjoying the outdoors of the Southeast including fishing, camping, and of course off-roading.  We back our product with an unmatched guarantee - if you aren't happy we will replace it.  And we use every product we sell.