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Project Get Lit - 1st repairs

Okay, so the first thing we are doing with our YJ is fixing it.  We let our 19 year old employee take it to McDonald's, and we get this phone call:

  • 19YO Employee: "Hi, the Jeep broke down"
  • Us: "What exactly broke?"
  • 19YO Employee: "I don't know, but there are parts of it all over the road.

So, for some unknown reason (and 19 year old employee insists that he was driving it like he would his own car) the rear drive shaft let loose.  It took part of the transfer case housing, the muffler, and most of the exhaust pipe with it. 

Not to let a good breakdown stand in the way of upgrades, here is what we are doing:

  • New Transfer Case housing
  • Slip Yoke Eliminator kit
  • Pro Comp driveshaft
  • Magnaflo muffler
  • 4:56 gears front and rear
  • Detroit Locker in front.  This has nothing to do with the broken driveshaft but hey, while our wallet is open...

Thanks to Jeff's Jeep Yard and Gear Works for doing such great work.

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